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Quit "Baby-ing" Our Kids

This is the "wuss"-ification of America. "Parents band together and protect our children!" what an out-cry. Keep them locked up in the house and turn off their TV's so that nothing can ever harm them! Put them in a bubble so they can never breathe the harmful air. Keep them away from the malls so they are not exposed to victoria's little secret. Go ahead and see what happens to our country. You wonder why kids get bullied and can't stand up for themselves. Yes, deaths happen in life. You can never prevent each and every one of them. Sometimes you just have to let go. I have 3 kids. 2 girls and a boy. One's a doctor, one's in college and the other yes, is playing football in high school. When they fell down, did I pamper them and take them to get ice cream? No! I said get up, you're okay, walk it off. What happened to this type of parenting? You think when my grandfather was 14 working the toabacco fields his dad said, come on in boy, it's too hot out there. No! He said we're almost done for the day. Keep at it and get a drink of water. If you go to these practices, you will see trained athletic trainers, water breaks every 15 minutes, light workouts on hot days. No one wants a death on their conscious, so they do take precautions to prevent them from happening. A seatbelt will keep you safe, but it's a precaution. It won't help you everytime. But by crying out to band together and stop this is absurd. Quit baby-ing our kids or else they all will be living at home when thier 30 and asking "Hey Mon and Dad, what is life like?"


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