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Not a coach.

Thanks for quoting me. Since you assume my profession, I must express you are incorrect. I am a landscape architect with a masters degree in the field. With that I have spent a great deal of my career outdoors in extreme temperature and physical variations. As long as I am precautionary, and cleared medically to do my work in the winter or the summer, ailments should be thwarted. I am also a proud parent of two children who do not play sports, but love being outside with their father, going on bike rides, etc. When I see they are fatiqued, I ask them to rest, have a drink of water and provide them with helmets as a precaution. My main point for commenting on this is that you cannot prevent everything. Let the professionals that operate these practices do them, as they are trained to do so. Just as you trust the teachers, school bus drivers, etc. to watch your children go about their daily lives, and your fellow man. Say you stop the practices from happening in extreme temperatures. Hooray, everyone is happy. Then, 4 weeks later, a student gets injured by a car while crossing the street. Will you raise up and call for no more walking? Of course not. It's not in the name of football as you allude, but in the name of a society that understands you cannot prevent all accidents from happening. You can only take precautions and be trusting that they will not happen. If my children get injured or god forbid die prematurely in a bike riding accident I will certainly be distraught and ask why it happened. But at the same time I will not call for a stop to all bike riding. That is just me. I respect your stance as well.


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