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Restraining order is no deterant

I hope her family and especially her daughter get the justice that they so justly deserve. I got a restraining order when I left my abusive ex-husband. It was not worth the paper it was written on. He violated the order and the deputies of New Hanover County allowed him to go home because "he was sooo upset", even though they were aware of the restraining order and the reasons behind it (his abusive history). This gave him the courage to violate it again and get his hands on me and once again nothing was done. I hope this serves as a wake-up call for everyone that something more needs to be done to protect our women when they finally get the courage to leave an abuser. Once an order is issued there is blind belief that the piece of paper will serve its purpose. IT DOESN'T!! That peice of paper is no deterant to violence, it usually only make the abuser agrier. I would like to know why abusers aren't incarcerated after the first violation. Whe need tougher laws and officers willing to do what is necessary to enforce the order. How many good women are we going to loose to violence before something more is done? How many have we already lost AFTER a restraining order has been obtained? One is too many.


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