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Patience Newkirk ref: A.Bowen

It sounds to me as if you are defending him...never the less he has done wrong. I understand that he had issues..we all do (some worse than others), although that gives him absolutely NO RIGHT to do what he has done. You mentioned that we should let the dead rest...I agree, but what you are failing to realize is that he is dead by choice, Ms.Pulliam had no say in the matter.Her life was taken by Mr. Bowen...Mr. Bowens life was was ended on his own will. Ms. Pulliam wasn't left a choice as Mr. Bowen was. You had also mentioned that the two of you had issues in the past, but you two had worked through them. Well that's wonderful because you see what happens when he's angry. Thank God everyday that you were not selfishly and maliciously taken down as Ms. Pulliam was. You will get to watch your child grow, Ms.Pulliam will not. A seven year old little girl was left without a mother and that sickens me because this was such a horrific, selfish crime. You didn't mention anywhere in your comment any sympathy for the Pulliam family, it sounded to me as if you were angry with them for being angry at Mr. Bowen. I am really trying hard to understand this. I know you don't realize it now, but Mr.Bowen was obviously a control freak, I mean look he could no longer control Ms. Pulliam so he ended her life,and even in his death he is controlling you. I will pray that one day you realize the wrong that he's done and be thankful that it wasn't you who had to pay with their life, I will also pray for your daughter because regardless of what kind of man her father was, she is still left without a father and that is a sad situation. But, keep reminding yourself that he took his own life, he had a choice in the matter where as Ms. Pulliam didn't. I will end this by saying....God bless the Pulliam family, as well as you and your daughter, and as with majority of deaths resulting from domestic violence...,"cowards will always do the cowardly thing"!!!


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