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just a thought

I knew Anthony for awhile I'm completely shocked by his actions and his past. I would have never guessed it.It's easy it hate him for what he did. But what we should be most upset about is the system. This guy was not a criminal, he was sick and twisted.It takes a sick person to do what he did which was end the life of 2 people he suppose to love.He had a history of this kind of behaivor and the law new it but let him out anyway.He should have been put in a mental ward to let a doctor decide weather he should be allowed out but instead a judge decided that girls life was worth 103,500 bond,how nice.He also told friends and coworkers he had nothing to live for but they brushed it off as venting his anger.I bet they wish they could call someone now.But not getting involved is the American way.Maybe if the system would have paid closer attention to him rather than run people through the system like cattle maybe they would both still be alive.And God help those children,please don't let this destroy there lives before they really have begun


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