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First of all let me say that I am a full time resident of Oak Island. I have a family that I truly love and admire, I am afraid for their safety with all of the officers that are leaving. Who's replacing them? What's going to happen the town is going to have over worked and stressed out officers which will also lead to more resignantions, This is not a typical turnover rate for any police department especially for the size of the department. This isn't Raleigh. I think the town council members know that this isn't typical. When Johnny Vereen said that he is a liar and he knows it. Not only is the department is short for tourist season but also hurricane season. Let's hope that the individuals who decided to cover up this conspirarcy isn't in charge of emergency prepardness if so we might have a situation like in New Orleans. I think we as citizens need to look into this and demand answers.


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