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How much more obvious does it have to be?????

Okay, lets just put it all out there, with three more officers leaving or should I say left today. Obviously it wasn't the females just trying to start trouble. Obviously there is a problem in the department. Everything that we said happened to us has shown itself as true because of the departments own actions. Also everything that we said would happen is happening. I hope the big headed Chief of Police and the ignorant pervert for a Major and the tiny little man they call Lieutenant have plans on how they are gonna support their families when they are jobless. And I just wonder how they will explain that to their wives,maybe they can just tell them that it was all consensual, just like they said what happened to us females was. It is all coming to light now and the town citizens will hopefully be rid of the corruption that is in the Oak Island Police Department. It is my hope that the sheriffs department will step in and protect the citizens of Oak Island so that they will truelly feel safe. And as for you Lavonne and your "girl" friend Samantha, no one really cares that you two are throwing yourself at any male that will show you some attention, all that says is that you both have major self esteem issues. And to think since Tina who was running the 911 system is gone, they put Lavonne in charge of it and she only has a few years of dispatch experience! Can you say lawsuit!!! Wow, is all that is left to say on that one. Good luck to the husbands of those girls, because you are getting a lot of lies and leftovers from your women.


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