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Ya'll are ignorant. To

Ya'll are ignorant. To start with they put Bob in charge, not Lavonne, LEAH! And your lil "friends" are the ones striving for every males attention. For that matter start your website, just make sure you put on there why one of the male officers left....Oh yeah cause he and Christy had an affair, oh yeah, so did he and Amanda...the same ones who are part of the little scheme you low lifes have cooked up! Hah, too bad you're busy ruining your own lives to realize it isn't working. The people that have left, hmmm. I think the town is better for the fact they are gone since they are liars and back stabbers to their own, how can they possibly be trusted by the public. They were worthless anyway. So finally we can put worthwhile people in their places. Oh yeah, pick on the Lt. and Major and Chief, cause that will definitely help your arguement your being, you really can't see how ignorant you sound? As for Lavonne and Samantha's husbands, I would rather be them with decent looking wives than low life wanna b's who are really sleeping around town like Christy and Amanda are, feel sorry for your men. P.S get a life, everyone is tired of hearing about it, and especially most everyone who knows the truth by now!


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