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I agree!!

I agree with Uncle wouldn't get rid of your child because things got tight, would you?? You might cut back on the treats and toys, but you would find a way to feed and take care of him/her! It irritates me to no end when people have had their pet for years then when things get tight or they go through a stressful time, they don't think twice about getting rid of that loving companion who has loved them unconditionally and would do anything for them. Pets do have feelings!! Maybe you can cut out that extra burger or game of golf and take care of someone you've been given the incredible priveledge to take care of. I have 11 dogs, and most of them are rescue dogs. I would have more if I could, but I'm not rich and on a very limited budget. I don't go to the movies or eat out a lot, but I do make sure my "babies" have food and shelter. I work an extra job on Saturdays just to make sure I have enough to take care of them. We do have to scrape together when we have vet bills, but we do it! Again, if you or your child needed to go to the doctor, I would think you would take them. If not, please find a responsible new home for them and don't just dispose of them! People always find a way to still do the things they like or want even in hard times, so don't tell me you can't cut out a few extra-curricular activities and take care of your pets who love you....


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