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School Uniforms

I just want to say that I agree with you. I am currently a freshmen in college but my high school changed over to uniforms before my sophomore year. Yes, it did take awhile to get use to but after awhile, I grew to accept it and i think personally that it really is a good idea. We could wear any color polo except for red and blue for obvious reasons and non demin pants. We had plenty of days where we could earn opportunities where we got days that we did not have to wear smod. The teachers had to follow the same dress code too, it was not exactly the same but they could not wear jeans unless it was a dress down day for the students as well.

Now, my major is middle grades education and as a freshmen i am going out to the schools observing and there has been times when i was thinking like seriously is that people dressed when i was at school and didnt have a dress code. It makes a big difference looking at it from the other side. I do approve uniforms, but i think that students should have some freedom with it like i had with wearing any color that we wanted, instead of only limiting it to only three or four colors.

Also, i dont think elementary school kids should have to wear uniforms mainly because they are not concerned with that latest fashion trends that they are wearing and that uniforms should start at the middle school level because i still have my polos and khakis and everytime i go to observe a classroom or go on a interview thats what i wear because you can never go wrong with a solid color polo and a pair of khakis.


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