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yeah your obviously a moron!

yeah your obviously a moron! I'm in the military and I can assure you the government does NOT pay for our uniforms. We pay for each and everything. It comes out of our 1st and 2nd pay check, while we are in bootcamp. Uniforms for the first and second issue run over 2,000 dollars so the government should NOT have to pay for SCHOOL uniforms if they can't even pay for military personnel. Also, not only do we have to pay for our first set of uniforms, but while we are in we have to pay for the haircuts and other uniforms, shirts, shoe polish, and what not. Since i've been in i've spent and extra 600 on uniforms and I've been in for a year. My husband has been in for almost 3 and he has spent not only the 3200 while he was in bootcamp but an additional 2000. And we don't get paid much. So check your facts!! If you are so worried about the price, work more hours or send your kid to a different school.


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