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school uniforms

The logic and common sense solution would be to enforce rules already in place so schools do not have to make a choice to go to uniforms.My child attended a non-uniform school but attends a uniform school now and I have seen no different.They still wear sagging pants,sleeveless shirts,etc.I'm at school voluntering several times at week and if they think uniforms stop bullying and the popularity of students they are mistaken.The logic in this crazy world seems to get worst everyday.I'm 100% on board for the safety of our children but come on people-this is ridiculious.Why do we change the rules when they already had rules from the get-go? The same rules apply with uniforms as did without(just in uniform colors.)Wishes school officials would use their heads when it comes to our children.Punish the bully ,call parents about students not adhereing to dress code.If you can't reach the parent,make them sit in the office until you do.The probelm lies within the leaders of ours schools not holding students and parents accountable.Accountablility is a great life lesson to teach children so they turn out to be amazing adults so with that said," I SEE NO NEED FOR UNIFORMS !!!


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