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The real issue here is not

The real issue here is not school uniforms. it goes much deeper than that. Its the fact that once again the government is trying to dictate how to raise our children. The focus of school has gone from an institute of higher learning to a babysitting service. This tree hugger philosophy of "I can't discipline my kid because they will hate me" has taken over. Students changing clothes on the bus? If you didn't buy them, where did the clothes come from? Let me guess, they borrowed them from a friend. Then the question is raised what kind of people is your child hanging with? Any way you want to look at it, it always falls back on the parents. If our school system spent more time educating our kids and less time babysitting, our students wouldn't be so far behind right now. But then the liberals in raleigh and washington wouldn't really feel in control, now would they? Question, explain to me what a dress code is going to do for the dropout rate? Uniforms should be paid for by the government if they are going to have them. But they won't. The military has their uniforms paid for by the government. Stupid liberalist thinking.


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