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The Real Problem Is...

Ok people, I don't think anyone see's what the real problem is and why uniforms should be mandatory. First off, yes, the kids nowadays wear inappropriate clothing to school (both guys and girls) but i did the same some 20 years ago - long hair, earrings, town jeans, etc. and was dead-set against 'dressing appropriately' BUT times have changed... The reason for uniforms is to make everybody equal ONLY DURING SCHOOL HOURS (not after, not on weekends, not during football games, etc.) - no more people being picked on for having hand-me downs or Wal-Mart clothing. These people picked on can (and have proven they will) turn the tables around and take it out on the other children/teachers with a Blaze of Glory (IE bringing guns to schools and shooting). People can be creative and educated without the newest, most 'needed' clothes at moment - but not fitting with the in crowd can and will lead to violence sometimes. And believe it or not, clothes make up a big-part of whether one is accepted or not. Saying shirts must be tucked in, skirts to knees, etc. is all good and dandy as a rule, but if its not the 'in' type of stuff then the picking continues. Get real people - it not about money, clothes is about popularity and in the end the SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN!


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