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What church do you go to, anyway?

Holy sacrilege, Batman! Do people really bring their kids to your church like this? Our church won't even allow flip-flops. You seem to put a lot of stock in the effects of clothing on children but have you actually done a comparison of schools in your area, uniform vs non? I have gone on and have done just that. I found that whereas nonuniform schools had steady progress in areas of performance and safety, the uniform schools actually had an increase in violent acts with no academic improvemnt at all! Don't take my word for it, it is easy to check. Just click on the "Safe, Orderly Schools" tab at the top left of any school, choose as many years you can and compare trends. Claims such as yours need to be substantiated or you just end up looking foolish. PS. I hope you don't stop attending church over this, Jesus may be the only one standing between you and an assault charge.


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