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The Truth About Downtown Wilmington

Well, I've read all the stories and seen first hand the truth behind the "discrimination" that occurs in Wilmington bars. The sad fact of the matter is these men spend all week being told what to do, when, and how to do it. The only free time they have is the weekends where they travel to our beautiful town. With that being said, they see this as a time to cut loose and throw there inhibitions to the wind. While Marines do not cause all of the problems downtown, they do account for a majority of them. While the statistics may show that they are a small percentage of problems, those statistics show problems that happen on the street in public, not inside the bars. It would have been nice to see some input from the police officers that work downtown and get their point of view on the Marine's behavior. I have been denied entry into a bar before when asked for a membership and I do not cry out that I am being discriminated against. What this does, is allow bars to be able to regulate who can and cannot enter and partake in the activities. Was I upset? Sure. But was I discriminated against? No. These men have to deal with authority and being told what to do all week. When it comes to the weekend, they think the rules are thrown out for them and they rule the nightlife. There are rules at every bar that are to be followed and these men do not want to follow rules on their weekends.


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