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Marines violent after drinking in local Wilmington bars

About a year ago my 26 year old son was followed out of a bar downtown. He was on his way home. Six marines beat the living daylights out of him (supposedly because he has long hair). I thought this stuff went out in the 60's. They broke his nose, blackened his eyes and caused many other contusions. I got a call at 1 am from New Hanover Hospital. I couldn't believe what my beautiful son looked like. I almost didn't recognize him. I'm 100% patriotic! My older son was in the Air Force (military police) and is now a K-9 Sgt on a police force in a large city. My daughter served in the Navy for four years. I love the troops that are serving overseas and I back them unconditionally. However, it seems that when these marines come down her from Camp Legune, they can't control themselves. I think, if they want to get drunk and stupid and six of them beat up Wilmington residents, we should no longer allow them in the bars in Wilmington. Let them keep that behavior in Jacksonville or wherever they come from origionaly. They probably wouldn't behave like that in THEIR HOMETOWNS!!!


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