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If you lift the private club regulations, then you will lawfully have to admit anyone who wishes to enter your establishment or face legal recourse from unsatisfied customers. I am a former bartender and bouncer from a private club downtown. The owners of the place I used to work, used the 3-day waiting period membership/valid driver's liscense or ID required, etc. as a crutch to decide who was and who wasn't allowed into the establishment. While I saw fights from both sides, had to cut people off from both sides and every other side for that matter, those instances were limited and quickly resolved as it ususally only involved one or two patrons. Since the owners were selective on who they let in, they have sustained a downtown presence for many years when countless other establishments who were not strict on who they let in have floundered. That is their right as business owners, to protect their business from threat of forseen failure when they take steps necessary to protect their investment. Call it Bar Insurance. If you are persistent Mr. Mayor on pushing this issue, be prepared to open the door to every high-society, old-money club in this town, to every person who wishes to enter. "Private" means private. If I do not meet the financial requirements or adhere to the HOA guidelines, can I still be allowed into the country club? If I make a million dollars, but my last name is Rodriquez, will my application for membership to the City Club be refused? If I am a female, can I be a member of Augusta National? You know the answers. Restaurants have bars, restaurants are public and are not required to have memberships. Country clubs have bars and restaurants, yet country clubs are private and require memberships. Why is that? Can't I be allowed a place to have a drink just like everyone else?


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