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Marines in Bars

I work and oversee security in nightclubs. I don't have a problem with anyone from the military entering any establishment I work at. I understand that everyone feels Marines travel like dogs in packs, and attack the same way. My policy is everyone of them go to jail if they are involved, no questions asked. Even without the "grace" period on private clubs you can still restrict who enters your establishment as with any other business. Wilmington offers a variety of clubs and entertainment. Sure the guys in uniform get wild sometimes after basic training. My suggestion has always been have the military police on standby and when one of their own gets out of hand they are arrested and turned over to the MP's or the provost marshall. The military personnel gets a bad reputation because of a few bad apples. So if you are in the military and enjoy coming to Wilmigton and the bars here encourage your fellow soldiers not to get into trouble or altercations. Most of the time soldiers will get their buddies and leave, and if not they like everyone else should be detained, arrested and be held accountable for their actions. They are causing no more trouble than the young gang bangers lurking downtown, and normally they do lookout for civilians downtown if there is a problem. The police don't patrol the clubs inside unless they are called. Bar owners should be able to use law enforcement to remove unruly patrons without having to worry about getting a reputation from ALE or the city police. So how about working on that Mr. Mayor? Maybe this would help rememdy the pending issue?


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