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Military that get in trouble do not get charged by local police

First of all I would like to say that I support the Military and think they are excellent people for serving our Country. But they DO cause problems in groups and they know it. I went to the meeting and could not believe some of what I saw and heard. The military are hiding behind the 1% that have been charged downtown. There are two reasons for the LOW 1%. Bars don't report problems because they will get a bad reputation and be shut down by the City. But even more important in this scenario is that the Local Police DO NOT CHARGE MILITARY unless it is really, really bad and witnesses force them to. I hear this from police officers all the time. And to a certain level I agree with them not charging them. But don't use a low inaccurate number of incidents to try to build a case for yourself. Military in groups will NOT BACK DOWN PERIOD!!! and that causes problems in bars and other areas of town. Bar owners have the right to admit or deny anybody they want. It isn't discrimination it is common sense. Keep the people out that are going to destroy your club or hurt your employees and other customers. Not to mention keeping your business open instead of getting a bad reputation for fights. MILITARY = FIGHTS. PERIOD!!!


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