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"When they get out of town

"When they get out of town they are routinely arrested, but it's pretty much an in and out thing with several of them being arrested fairly often (more than I wish to count), as this poster inaccurately posted, they do not cause the problems that have bar owners worrying." My post is not inaccurate. Rather than bar owners, it's folks like me who (used to) go out in downtown Wilmington AND USE THE SIDEWALKS AND STREETS AS INTENDED who are accosted by the derelict homeless, and the Wilmington police seem powerless to stop it. (I came to the conclusion long ago that they don't care.) My point is this: the fact that Wilmingtonians don't like Marines in the downtown area isn't really about Marines, it's about the fact that, in general, downtown Wilmingtonians (whether bar owners, restaurateurs, shopkeepers, or city managers of any sort) are a bunch of posing dilettantes and dabblers who aren't very good, as a group, at managing a historic tourist district. What's needed are FEWER bars and MORE classier attractions, like those in....well....Savannah, where they know how to run a historic downtown district.


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