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yea, im sure you son isnt to blame.

That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. I am sure your son is 100% innocent, and is telling you the full story /sarcasm. Marines aren't like a pack of wolfs ready to jump on weak prey for having "long hair." This statement makes me irate and shows how closed minded you are... Go ahead and ask your son what he really did to those Marines, and also ask your sons where his friends ran off too. At least we have the the courage to stand with our brothers. Stay in Jacksonville ha... I would love for you to spend a day in this place, and tell me why we come to Wilmington... 90% of us Marines are stuck here and want to go back home where they treat us like heros, but we can't so we find a place that reminds us of home for the time being. I don't go to Wilmington to be treated like a dog for my haircut.


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