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Did I fall asleep and wake up in Russia?

Have private property rights been eradicated? The Fifth Amendment is quite clear: "....nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." If a property is valued at ten million dollars, but the owner cannot do anything with it because a designated historic structure (and THAT is entirely left to the whims of this committee?), then you have effectively deprived that owner of his property without just compensation. In the case of Chandler's Wharf, the owner must be content to collect rents from tenants and STILL maintain the structure? How many millions do you think that has effectively removed from his wallet? The city provides that just compensation in the form of buying the property at fair market value, or it allow him or the new owners to bring in the crane and wrecking ball. It's not "OUR" property - it's HIS! * The Washington Monument is a poor example, as it sits on property wholely owned by a government. I have no problem with the government doing what it wants to with its own property. I have GREAT heartburn with the government destroying the value of mine. * People wanting to make money? How dare they! (I guess I am in Russia. Half the country is about to vote for a man who believes that people who make money should have it taken away from them.) * As far as Wilmington, time to snap out of your daze - we ARE just like any other city, as we prove day after day. Most of the charm of downtown Wilmington centers around winos, druggies, pan-handling bums, and the ability to be shot, stabbed, or raped on any given Friday or Saturday night. The greatest tribute to history we could undertake would be to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION.


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