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Try reading the entire article

"He is asking the City Council to change that and give the Historic Preservation Committee the power to deny a demolition permit." Got it? They want the power to tell you that YOU can't do anything with YOUR property, permanently. I note that you have not bothered to address the Constitutional issue. Skipped right over it. Who cares about that little ol' document, eh.... ....and how you can explain away a small oligarchy making unilateral decisions and executing a de facto taking of property without compensation as "democracy" is truly baffling. I'd say it's more like royal decree. In closing, please do not confuse adapting to and enjoying Southern culture with a desire to shred the Constitution or put on blinders to all progress in an attempt to pretend that we're something we're not. If these structures are so important to the city, the city needs to buy the property at fair market value. You can have your quaint, charming downtown - just do it the RIGHT way.


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