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Here's an idea

Instead of lowering the drinking age, why don't we raise the age of everything else. Not only do I think that 18 is too young to drink, but I think 18 is too young to fight and die for your country and to vote responsibly. Make the age to enlist 21, make the age to vote 21. Problem solved. This way kids (18 year olds) won't get suckered into enlisting and will have a chance to go to college or have some time to be free before signing the papers that enslaves them for four years. Lowering the drinking age is going to increase the amount of drinking not only with 16 and 17 year olds, but kids are going to start even younger.. around 14. This article claims that the reason the drinking age was changed to 21 was because the brain wasn't completely developed at 18.. so what's changed so that now we don't care if our youth's brains are fully developed. I can't even image what the drunk driving and DWI rates are going to become if this law is passed. These are the professors and some of the most intelligent of our country coming up with this law... Way to go America for another brilliant idea.


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