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lower the drinking age??

Ok. Lets think about this and think hard. I have seen and read most of the comments. As a mom, first and foremost I would never allow my kid to drink underage, no matter the legal age. For the simple fact that it is wrong privatly or publicly. Next, it is proven that your brain is not fully developed until 21 or older and it is not so good to let someone start on alcohol of any kind before then. I agree with the point of raising the age of voting and enlistment. Hey lets raise the tobacco age as well. Alcohol is a nasty habit in and of itself. I have seen what alcoholism does to people first hand. I can only imagine how many more DUI's or accidents we would have due to teenagers drinking. I dont care if you can get married or have a kid at 18. At 18 I was still a kid. Most people dont even grow up until sometime in their 20s. And to the college professors supporting this bill, let me say this, my kids will NOT step foot onto your campuses. I was a member of the SADD chapter in high school and as a mom I will support MADD all the way. Do not let them lower the drinking age. We hear all the time of kids dying from alcohol poisoning when they hit 21 and binge, think of all the 18 year olds that might happen to. I would rather see my kid die serving our country than alcohol. Enough said!


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