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Is this a joke?

Have you even HEARD of prohibition? I suggest you do some research and find out what happened when we tried: Read something for once and find out why this is still considered one of the biggest mistakes in American political history. As for lowering the drinking age, I support it with certain restrictions. For one, a .00 limit until 21 like a previous commenter said is essential. The penalties for DUI should stay exactly the same for people under 21. Drunk driving and alcohol poisoning are the biggest concerns, so don't allow people under 21 to buy hard liquor. Remember, students will STILL get it if they want it anyway. The purchase and consumption of alcohol in and of itself IS NOT A PROBLEM. It's the decisions that immature young people make after one too many. If the law's penalties stay the same for drunk drivers, I think the situation would mostly stay the same, save for unnecessary and money-wasting under-age drinking tickets. I personally don't think there will be a significantly larger number of students who will decide to drink JUST because it's legal to buy. Does this make any sense to anyone else...?


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