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UNCW grad

I graduated from UNCW in 2007. I think lowering the drinking age is a great idea. As many others have posted, my mom allowed me to drink in our home and wouldn't mind if I did so at a friend's as long as she knew where I was and called her if I needed a ride. I think this is a very effective way to go about introducing your child to alcohol. It allowed me to be safe when drinking and I didn't feel like I needed to go crazy when I started college. More than that, I felt comfortable with calling my mom if I needed to and I think anyone can say they would rather pick up their kid who has been drinking than have them drive or go home with someone who has been drinking. I think many parents shelter their kids and they go to school and get in a bunch of trouble because they finally have that freedom. If we lowered the age, there would be less of that novelty mindset. While studying at UNCW, I also spent a semester abroad in Spain. Its amazing how much more mature everyone over there was about drinking and being smart when they do so and I have no doubt that was largely due to the fact that drinking was never really "banned" for them. It was just another part of life and because of that, it was more of a social thing rather than a "let's get drunk" thing. For everyone that says its a bad idea, that's fine but I think you really need to look at how many more problems we have in the US due to drinking and that is due to the fact that we are one of the only countries that looks at it as a horrible thing.


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