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There's many more dangerous X-walks in town...

One can only assume the "concerned citizen" is a PPD employee who wants a stop sign. Every time I've driven past there I'm always shocked at how well behaved all the drivers are while they stop well behind the crosswalk and wait patiently for the pedestrians to cross completely. The comparison should be made with an intersection less than a quarter mile away, at Walnut and N. Front St. That crossing is a case study in transportation anarchy, with complete disregard for traffic rules by vehicles and pedestrians alike. What would be hilarious would be for WWAY to set up a camera or two, out of eyesight, and record all the action for a couple hours around lunchtime. Between the total lack of turn signal use, utter disregard for right of way, ignorance of what a STOP sign means, and the J walking run rampant for a block in either direction by pedestrians that seldom give more than a cursory glance before stepping into oncoming traffic, it's a wonder there isn't a fatality daily.


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