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I also use to be a Democrat. I left the party because of the corruption that has gone on for years. There is a double standard when it comes to being held accountable for wrong doing. I will not vote Democrat in this years election. I voted for Julia Boseman, Mike McIntyre and all the usual Democrats in the last election and I will not vote for them again. I am ashamed of what the Democrat Party has become and I want no part of it anymore. I will vote straight Republican Party this year. While the Republican Party has had their own issues with corruption, they have at least had the guts to admit it and resign from their post. With the democrats, it's deny, deny, deny....From John Edwards, to Julia Boseman, to Ronald Hewett, to Mr Wright, Mike Easley....they have all lied and continue to lie. It's an insult to the intelligance of the voters they are claiming to represent. All they care about is their political careers and the money they can pocket for themselves.


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