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I am stunned and appalled as to what is continually happening in the our communities. It seems that the presence of strong, family-oriented and God fearing organizations are disappearing. The ripping a part of this family from the Brigade Boys & Girls Club is only an indication of the president's disregard of the fact that they are a vital and necessary component to the development of our young girls and boys into responsible adults. This is absurd for the president to NOW inforce the nepotism policy. Unless he can prove that this family's presence would bring about more harm than good (which is unthinkable) to those involved, then I would suggest he rethink his decision with the quickness. Where is the fairness in this for all families involved. Shouldn't the families have a say in this? Does he want them gone that badly that he had to stoop to enforcing this law into the policy? He needs to explain to the community the reasoning behind this decision. My children attended Brigade's years ago while I was attending UNCW. They reiterated what I was already teaching my children about the Lord, and much more. I was able to learn and graduate because I knew my children were safe and in good company. They are positive leaders as well as good spiritual friends of this community and THEY SHOULD STAY PUT!!! My goodness! The children and all involved has already experienced a recent devastating loss of my dearest friend Sister Wanda Jones. And NOW they want to remove the Clark family???? WHY I ask??? They should be treated with the respect & dignity that they deserve from this organization for the years of their faithfulness and dedication to those children. I don't see by forcing them to step down is for the "good" of this community. Lives have been transformed and turned around for many of our youths who were headed down the wrong path. I will NOT stand by and be silent about this. As a matter of fact, NO ONE should be silent about this. We are talking about our youths who are struggling to do the right thing in a world that seems lost. The Clark family believes in those children and their families. If they are forced to leave, who will the youth turn to??? Gangs? Drugs? Where is the petition that is going around in Wilmington?? Someone please reply to this comment to let me know. Although we have now moved to Raleigh, I am still very much a part of this community. My family will do anything to show our support, not only for the Clark family, but for the children who will be greatly impacted by this change of events. My prayers go out to the Clark family. The enemy shall NOT have the victory. God Bless Sister Cassandra


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