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Magical Officers

So where do these magic officers come from? We have a thousand citizens screaming to get downtown to fights and "near riots" everytime the bars close and that tieing up most available officers any given night, then calls for service to usually petty incidents taking care of the one or two that aren't downtown playing mean daddy to drunks. In between, that regular focus on the streets and being in the right place at the right time are a combination of timing and luck. Blame lack of cops all you want, but they're doing their best with what they have to work with. All these armed robberies and drug deals going down all the time in Wilmington are the same people over and over again. Most people in the area know exactly who does them too. Very few go forward to help the law, meaning they have to be pretty much caught in the act by cops. Hell, the cops really don't care that much anyway as 75% of the robberies are drug related in this city anyway. Not much incentive there to get a crack addict his cash back to buy more drugs. And if regular citizens won't even give their name or meet with an officer when they call..what's the point? Officers can't just go and arrest anyone they want because someone said they were drinking and driving or doing drugs. They might investigate if it's a serious claim such as child abuse or heroin trafficking. Of course with enough money we could put an officer on each street corner, hell video cameras in each room. Would be an awesome fun police state to live in.


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