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That little girl did the best thing she could possibly do in a situation like this! Whatever you do DON'T GET IN THE CAR! Good girl! Unfortunately this kind of thing will happen again...pedophiles are the lowest form of life on the planet. If we educate our children to not even walk toward a car they are not familiar with and scream FIRE as loud as they possible can, maybe these creeps will get caught by someone hearing the child scream. They could get a tag # or better description of the car. My heart goes out to that poor child, but she had the presence of mind to bite him and run back to school! She was taught well. Lets not all jump on WPD! They can't be everywhere! Maybe if the budget included the hiring of more police officers, they could be utilized more. Everybody wants more police but no one wants to pay for them! Wilmington police department is one of the lowest paid in the country and they do the most dangerous job. I back them 100%. If you wear your seatbelt, you won't have to worry about getting a ticket! God bless the little girl and the Wilmington Police Department. Maybe some people who sit home and do nothing but complain could volunteer at the local schools to watch that strangers don't try to lure children into their cars!


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