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There are so many things

There are so many things that are somewhat questionable about this program that I don't really know where to begin. The best place to start is probably with the first ones that come to mind: What qualifies one to be a "diversity" provost? What sort of educational background must one possess to qualify for such a position? How much money can one expect to make if hired for the position? How many hours of the week is one needed for their "diversity" duties? 10? 20? 40 or more? Just what does a diversity provost do all day? These are just a few that immediately come to mind. As someone who has found that tuition costs are rising much faster than my personal income, I feel that I am justified in questioning this program and this position. I'd really be curious to know where the funding is coming from. From my tuition? The taxpayers? I'm sure if any of them were asked, they would raise similar questions. Maybe the bigger issue is that it's not clear as to why UNCW is not diverse enough. Has the school finally found the cause? This needs to be addressed, otherwise the program has the potential to become a nebulous money pit that will leave tuition payers feeling burnt. I would like to know how this program is going to succeed where all of the other minority-only scholarships, grants, incentives, government programs, and lowered entrance standards have failed. Ultimately, though, most of these programs merely create more tension and hostility by giving preferential treatment to people based on race. Unfair, no matter which race is getting the special treatment. If it is about economics, and minorities are unable to attend UNCW due to financial strain, than perhaps it is time to start cutting some of the overhead. I know of a good place they could start. In the meantime, people of all races should concentrate on getting into college the old-fashioned way: through hard work and good grades.


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