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the inherent value

Dear anon67575, I enjoyed reading your posting. I think you expressed some thoughtful questions that I have asked myself at one point or another. I would like to simply point out that one sentence in your posting seems to, at least partially, answer some of your other concerns. You stated that special treatment is unfair no matter what race is receiving the benefits. Then, as a white person, I must admit that society has been favoring me unfairly for a long time. I know for a lot of working class white people it doesn't seem like we are getting special treatment. I have had to work very hard for everything I have and will have to work until the day I die. That doesn't seem like anyone is doing me any favors. But, at the same time, I know that when I meet someone, i.e. at a job interview, the color of my skin is not the first thing that pops into their head. Same thing goes for a person who speaks with an accent. I am white, and I will never know what it is like to live in society as a non-white person, but I have talked enough to people, read enough on the topic and seen enough of some human behavior to know that the world is different for non-whites. You mentioned the "old-fashioned way" which is hard work and good grades. I don't think the Diversity program at UNCW is looking to "favor" students who have not already demonstrated their willingness to work hard and get good grades; not that they don't want to help struggling students be more motivated. The idea is to help students who are doing everything they are supposed to do but who still, for whatever reasons a white person may not understand, don't get into college. The reason may be as simple as the fact that they need someone to tell them that they are worthy and have just as much right to the best education as anyone else AND that they can do it. One last point. It is still a sad fact that our public education system unfairly discriminates against minorities. It may not seem like it from a white person's point of view, but the statistics show that it is a fact. Until more progress is made to even out the playing field in our public schools, initiatives like this will be necessary, and, personally, I would much rather spend my time and money keeping all kids in school than keeping them in jail.


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