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Wow! How much Kool-Aid did YOU drink?

You bought that old nonsense hook, line, and sinker, didn't you? Do you whip yourself every night for being White? Buy a clue, young lady - your argument was valid fifty years ago. Now, it's as out-of-date as last month's milk. Minority enrollment does not track minority population because there is a higher percentage of Blacks and Latinos living in poverty than Whites. They simply can't afford college. You will note that Asians, the vast majority of whom do not live in poverty, are represented at percentages equal to or even greater than Whites in most urban and ivy-league colleges. THAT is life. You can't change it. You can't "even out the playing field." (But congratulations on hitting nerly every looney-liberal buzzword!) As family income increases, there is a higher liklihood that a son or daughter will go to college. Half the country needs a cold shower because of Barak Obama. We have a Black Secretary of State....who replaced a Black Secretary of State. We have a Black Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. We have more Black engineers, architects, doctors and lawyers than ever in our history. So much for the "great disadvantages" minorities face. Please update your material; this isn't 1958.


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