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Diversity is Prejudiced

The college needs more diversity, why. Why is because you have a college President who is so liberal and far off that she worries more about how many minorities enroll than taking care of those already enrolled. From talking to staff at UNC-W they tell me that unless you are a minority you can forget getting a job on campus. They only want minority employees which of course means they are discriminating againist caucasians whom are better qualified and have better credentials. Staff are made to attend diversity training. Personally I am tired of this diversity liberal thinking. The enrollment process is already leaning toward minorities. Minorities do not have to go through the same hoops that whites do to enroll. When colleges start to actually teach students and quit worrying about liberal content we might have some education worth discussing. Until the liberals leave the University system you will have permanent discrimination againist whites just based on their color, exactly what they are trying to prevent with present minorities. UNC-W needs to Educate and leave politics to the Governor. Oh cannot do that, I almost forgot the Governor's wife received a $80,000 dollar raise at NC State, another state supported school.


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