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First of all, I would like

First of all, I would like to to say that I am white and i don't owe anything to anyone because of the color of my skin. Diversity is something that should be taught at home, not school of any kind. It is not reading or math. It is a value and it should be taught by the parents. However universities are using their positions to shove their libertalist thinking down everyone's throats and they are calling it "well-roundedness." I believe them about as much as I believe Barack Obama, which is about as far as I can throw him. Now for the statement about schools discriminating against minorities. How? By making them earn the grades they receive? That is the most assinine statement I have ever heard. If anything our public schools cater to minorities by making our children learn spanish even though maybe one child out of 30 speaks it fluently. They try to teach our kids to be "well-rounded" instead of teaching them math and science. No wonder we are falling so far behind the rest of the world. We are a joke right now.Tell you what, why don't you give extra money out of your paycheck every week to make it easier for minorities. As for me and my family, we like to eat.


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