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simple respect

I have a right to voice my opinions without being personally attacked or insulted. I think constructive debate is helpful, and it is always important to look at the issue from both sides, respectfully and thoughtfully. I believe that I am a person who has never intentionally been racist, and I know that there are millions of great teachers out there who work very hard for all of their students and would never even think of discriminating based on race. But, the simple fact that many people of color can go through their entire public school life without coming into contact with a single teacher who belongs to the same race as them can result in a feeling of dicouragement. I wouldn't call this discrimination, either. It is just a simple fact that non-white people have to deal with. Have I ever had to deal with that situation? No. I have never felt like I can't accomplish something simply because of the color of my skin...I struggled to go to college because of economic reasons, but that is another, albeit important, issue. Of course I don't "beat myself up" for being white. That is ridiculous. But that also means that we should not "beat other people up" for being who they are. And, unlike other people, I do feel like I need to contribute to society and help those that I can help and not just think of myself. By the way, I am NOT Democrat or Republican, and I am not speaking from a platform. This is from my heart which I think should be respected out of simple humanity.


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