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'Round and round we go........

First of all to denise2000, I apologize if you felt that my comments were insulting. That was not my intention. I was attacking the viewpoint, not you as a person. I would still like to know what is the cause of this sudden push for "diversity" at UNCW. If you go to their website, you'll see "diversity" on every page. You'll also see special links for Hispanic students, Black students, Gay students etc. It seems to me by pointing out all this diversity, you are really just serving the drive an even bigger wedge between people. By constantly harping on all this diversity, they are actually moving further and further away from the Utopian "we are all the same" fantasy they seem to be chasing. So I ask again: who are the "local experts" that demanded this diversity? Why do they have so much sway over the administration of UNCW? Who is Jose Fernandez? What qualifies him to slip into a cush job at a major University? What does he do for 40 hours a week? Who is paying for this? What kind of kickback does UNCW get for going along with this? What exactly is preventing minorities from enrolling in UNCW? Why does it matter? Shouldn't people be allowed to associate with whomever they want? Was there some event that triggered this "diversity" drive? Who does "diversity" benefit? What tangible evidence is there to suggest that "diversity" enhances the learning experience? Isn't the job of college to educate people in their field of study? Shouldn't people be allowed to form their own opinions? I could sit here and ask questions all day. I would stop as soon as someone could actually provide me with some answers. Unfortunately, this is not the way it works. When someone assumes the position of doing what is in "the best interest of society", anyone who dares to criticize or question the actual mechanics of that position is usually branded as a bad person, a racist, a bigot, a heretic, or any other insulting name you can think of. No answers are provided, just a lot of "holier than thou" platitudes and judgments of ones intelligence and character. There is an old con that involves starting an organization or program to fight against a problem that has no solution. As long as the problem exists, the organization exists. As long as the organization exists, money will be needed. Since the problem will not be going away anytime soon, the organization will exist until the money runs out. Sometimes the leaders of these organizations will deliberately aggravate the problem. Why? That way they can justify their existence, and in turn dupe people into giving them even more money to fight a problem with no solution. I can name a few such institutions that perpetrate this con, but I will hold my tongue. No need to hurt any more feelings than necessary. I'm not trying to say that that is what is going on here. It might be, it might not. I merely want answers. Answers to questions that,as a taxpayer and a student, I feel qualified to ask.


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