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Predators need proper restraint....or they will do it again!

The term "Sex Offender" covers a broad range of offenses, only some of which are somewhat minor. What comes to mind for most people when this term is mentioned are child molesters, rapists, stalkers, perverts, etc., the more extreme variety of the term and the ones we are all concerned about. Pedophiles and rapists are severely cross-wired somewhere in their grey matter and there is no cure for what is wrong with them. They will do what they do for the rest of their lives until the ultimate method of prevention is applied...surgical castration. I know this is harsh and some will say inhumane, but I believe these people should never have a second chance to violate a child or woman again. It is a known fact that most sexual offenders for one, have multiple convictions and two, will continue to repeat their abbhorant behavior on yet another innocent and helpless victim. While I am an advocate of human rights, I also have my limits and that limit is here! There are not enough police officers, enough data bases, websites, posters, flyers or community watch groups to prevent a sexual offender from repeating his sick and uncontrollable behavior. No more "cracking down", no more signing up as a sexual offender, no staying 100 ft away from schools...take away their desire, take away ther tools!!! This is simple, extremely effective, it solves the problem and breaks the link to that gene so that it isn't again replicated.


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