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Personally I could not figure out what I was going to do as far as where I would cast my vote UNTIL I heard the Palin speech. As I listened she sounded like a person I could trust and she has proved to be true to the people. She is not in the "good ole boy" club but a mother, wife, and a leadership model. She is the one I can relate too! she has a proven record and while I understand now that she has stood up to the boys I am sure she will be hammered....for of course telling the truth...something politicians and Washington has not heard of before. She understands about being a mom and working and schedules and balancing family, work...AND HOW DARE ANYONE ATTACK HER ON WHETHER SHE CAN DO BOTH...COME ON I THOUGHT WE WERE PAST THAT!!! I tell you today she did not need a packed out stadium of which I thought was a little over the top...come on we don't need a movie star we need a leader of which we have in McCain and God forbid if something happened to him but I know without a doubt Palin could do the job and SHAKE UP SOME OF THE BOYS AND THE USUAL BUSINESS IN WASHINGTON.


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