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Drunk Driving

If you are driving drunk and have an accident that results in injury, you should be charged with attempted murder. At the very least, assault with a deadly weapon. If you are driving drunk and have an accident that results in death, you should be charged with murder. My neighbor is raising her two grandchildren because a drunk driver hit them and killed their parents and severely injured them. It was his third drunk driving conviction and he got seven years. That is not enough for killing two people and altering the lives of their children forever. Suspending someone's license just does not work. You may have an occassional drinker who happens to get stopped one night and blow more than .08 who actually pays attention when their license gets suspended, but for the most part, drunk drivers are people who drive drunk on a regular basis. Many of them can be falling down and they still believe there is nothing wrong with their driving. My father drank himself to death. We lived in a small town in WV and he lost his license, and went and got another with his middle name. This was before illegal immigration was an issue so the requirements were lax. He had those revoked for drunk driving. He simply continued to drive drunk. He eventually had his license permanently revoked in both names, yet when he died he owned a brand new pickup registered to my stepmother, and was still driving it under the influence. Some people simply will never stop drinking and driving until you lock them up and throw away the key.


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