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The "drunk bus"...

....would have been nothing more than a means of transporting drunks on the taxpayer's dime. Would it cut down on DUIs? Only among the college crowd, and in that case we could simply allow liquor sales in the dorms, and that would do the same thing, right? (Obviously if they can't meet society's stndards for behavior, our standards are too high?) It would have done nothing to reduce the DUIs among adults or those college students choosing to get hammered at the beach or someplace other than downtown. So it's not a matter of "liking drama." It's a matter of expecting people to manage their own lives, obey the law, and be responsible for their actions. If they want to act like irresponsible jerks, it's not up to the taxpayer to make it easier for them. Very few of those getting DUIs have a problem with alcoholism. The majority are simply not deterred by our laws, which are a total joke. There's no pain in getting a DUI, and the state needs to get down to the business of making it very painful.


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