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...except that it teaches them the wrong lesson

They need to learn that when they get stupid, and do stupid things, there isn't always a easy solution. Someone isn't always going to be waiting to carry their load for them. They have to grow up and take responsibility for every single action in their life. When I first moved to Wilmington I lived right across the street from NHRMC. As I was still relatively young and exceptionally stupid, one night I had one too many down at the beach. So what did I do? I WALKED HOME, ELEVEN MILES. Every single person has the same option available to them: He or she can walk home. They're under no obligation to get into a car and drive. The drunk bus is just another way of coddling them and spoiling them. Drive them home, wipe their nose, change their nappy and tuck them in. There are many things we could do to save lives, but that doesn't mean that everything is always a good idea. The cost of DUIs is far too high, but continuing to raise a nation of irresponsible pansies who can't manage or take responsibility for their lives is far worse. Want to cut down on drunk driving? Tighten up the laws and start making a few examples.


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