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Safe Boating?

In order to operate a car. weight 1.5 tons, brakes, 4 wheels in contact with a stationary surface, you need to have classroom training, field training, and pass a written exam..... To operate a vessel that weighs 10 ton, has no brakes, or any part in contact with a stationary surface all you need is credit. Thats right! Just pull into marine max and put your name on the line and they'll call you Captain. IT'S ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS. Oh wait, I need a license to throw a piece of monofilament line with a hook on it into the SALT water?? Last I checked, the state of North Carolina doesn't own the salt water, no taxpayer can own the salt water. Why doesn't our state do something intelligent to raise money for coastal preservation and require the morons that operate vessels without a clue, wrecking our coast to be licensed. IT'S NO LONGER SAFE TO BOAT HERE... SOMEONE DIED LAST WEEKEND... TOWED INTO A CHANNEL MARKER ON A TUBE BY A WAVERUNNER. This class should be mandatory for ALL BOATERS.


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