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In Jacksonville a few years

In Jacksonville a few years ago, it was so bad in the projects here that the newspaper carriers could not go into them to deliver the papers without being robbed at gunpoint. The same with taxi drivers. The police department established satellite poice stations inside the apartment complexes. It does not totally solve the problems, but with city police officers patrolling through the complex day and night, it definitely has put a crimp in the activities going on there. Creekwood could also establish a curfew for non residents to vacate the property by nine o'clock at night and the police could arrest any non-resident on the spot for trespassing. People living in Section 8 housing are supposed to be subject to monthly inspections of their apartments. One of the main reasons for it is to identify units where non-residents are staying. The inspections are also to spot drug activity. Any resident of public housing that is arrested for drug crimes or even has someone staying with them who is arrested is subject to immediate eviction. It sounds as though the management of Creekwood has dropped the ball as far as enforcing the Federal Regulations that govern Section 8 housing. This is where the problems start. The woman interviewed on tv blamed non-residents for the problems. Drug dealers aren't going to hang out in a complex where there is not a customer base. If the local management of this complex is not doing their job, then complaints need to be made to HUD in Washington DC. When they get enough of them, they do take steps to correct the situation. When the law abiding residents of the complexes here complained enough to DC, the management personnell in the complexes were replaced with people who began enforcing the rules and cleaning the places up. There are still issues but it is no longer every day front page news here.


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