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OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!

I can not believe I am reading all of this ignorance posted here in black & white for every one to see!! First of all I'd like to address you "informed". There may be people in creekwood paying rent but honey let me tell you, a couple of hundred dollars a month for a place to live does NOT constitute rent! If they had to pay real bills just once in their life, without using their "hard earned" drug money, they would not know what to do. It absolutely infuriates me to know that the same people have been living on the government for years & years w/ouut ever contributing a dime in taxes! My husband was laid off from his job when my son was 2 yrs old. We lost our medical benefits & only income, since I was a stay at home Mom. When I went to DSS for help I was told that I was not elgible because my vehicle was too new a year model!! Yet I see all these people leaving the grocery store w/buggies full of food bought w/food stamps, getting into their (new model) lexus, BMW or SUV w/the rediculously HUGE $3,000 rims!!! My guess is I wasn't elgible because I knew who my baby's Daddy was & had ACTUALLY married him BEFORE getting pregnant! As for the McDonald lady, She should be ashamed of herself! She is a commissioner on the WHA & is living off the government? That alone should prove she is capable of working.She is neither elderly nor disabled, just taking advantage of the system she "claims" to represent! They told me I was able to work & needed to get a job even though it was through no fault of our own that my husband had become unemployed. Now last but certainly not least...Boots, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! You're little story only confirms what people have been saying on here is true about the people in the creekwood community. Unable to take responsibility for ANYTHING they do..their children, their bills, their food, the crimes they commit, I could go on & on but I think you have the point!!! All who agree... Can I get an Amen?


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