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I don't know why I even read

I don't know why I even read these comments anymore. Several of the people who post here are some of the most ignorant, arrogant individuals I've ever run across. It used to make me sad that my friends would leave within a week of obtaining their degrees... people like you are why they leave. Oh, and I know, "hit the road" will be your response. You guys somehow take pride in the fact that your city is one of the single most dysfunctional locations in the SE United States. I've never lived anywhere that people were so misguided and content to let misery run their lives. There are good people in Creekwood... just like some of you are bad people and live in good neighborhoods. Kindness knows no socioeconomic boundaries. Neither does idiocy... Someone died and that is tragic regardless of which side of the tracks it goes down on. I'm a social worker and I've been to Creekwood many times to pick up clients and I've never felt threatened or unsafe. In fact, I've had the "thugs" help me out several times with a particularly disabled client. So, to all of you, I hope that your stupidity isn't genetic and that it wasn't passed on to your children so that maybe, one day, Wilmington can be as beautiful of a town as it is geographic location.


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