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your struggle mirrors their struggle

Your story is one that is repeated over and over again in the stories of so many in the housing communities and beyond in America Today. It is unfortunate that through your struggle you became more bitter rather than more compassionate. Whatever ills are in every community simply happen, but those ills do not irradicate the real issues for real people just like you. The needs of those moving from homeslessness to sustainability, making it on low incomes, struggles with chronic health issues, child care issues and health coverage for children and the catch 22 of DSS and the changes in coverage when one makes just a little more or has a little more. You clearly have experienced what it is like to go without and to have needs unmet and can relate. But to relegate a whole community of people into a group of drug dealers who take without being accountable is inaccurate. Pure and simple. As to the commissioner. Each housing authority is ordered to have a resident commissioner on its board. mcdonald serves as the resident commissioner. It would be inappropriate to share her story for her, but suffice to say, your judgement is baseless and without merit. My original posting is stands and I will keep posting, that if we defend every community, help each other, and try and understand and truly help one another, we can do a whole lot more to better our city than if we make assumptions, gross mischaraterizations, and assert facts not in evidence and try to be a little more Christ like in our love and our feeling for one another.


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